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David Calbert is a screenwriter and graduate of UCLA's  MFA program in Screenwriting.


While David comes from a long line of Texans that may or may not go all the way back to the Alamo, he spent his formative years in the Bay Area fighting with his two brothers over the Star Wars and Godzilla VHS tapes. After receiving his bachelor's in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College, he was eager to turn his passion for movies into a career and applied to UCLA. Since graduating, he’s been writing feature-length scripts and teleplays ranging from monster movies to sci-fi epics. He even wrote a short script about robots falling in love that he made into an award-winning short film. 


He is drawn to deeply emotional stories that are just a little bit weird, which is why the horror genre has always felt like home. He loves watching characters navigate worlds that are strange, sometimes scary exaggerations of our own. There's a magic to those stories that he can't get enough of.

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